ESCRS Glaucoma Day 2018

Immediately preceding the
36th Congress of the ECSRS

This Meeting has been awarded 7 CME credits

Friday 21 September 2018 in the Reed Messe, Vienna, Austria.

Glaucoma Update in a Nutshell

  • toupouizusF. Topouzis GREECE
  • toupouizus R. Bellucci Italy
  • I. Stalmans BELGIUM
  • traversoC. Traverso ITALY

08.30 Welcome Coffee
08.45 Session 1: Glaucoma Burden and Accurate Diagnosis
Chairperson: D. Garway-Heath UK
Facilitators: I. Stalmans BELGIUM, R. Bellucci ITALY
F. Topouzis GREECE
Glaucoma: the size of the problem in Europe
A. Tuulonen FINLAND
Patient preferences and cost
Is it glaucoma? Early diagnosis in focus
D. Garway-Heath UK
Real-life use of OCT in glaucoma
C. Cutolo ITALY
Gonioscopy, goniophotography, AS OCT
10.25 Session 2: Optimising Follow-Up
Chairperson: G. Sunaric-Mégevand SWITZERLAND
Facilitators: C. Faschinger AUSTRIA, J. Garcia Feijoo SPAIN
I. Stalmans BELGIUM
How to organise a successful virtual glaucoma clinic
G. Mossböck AUSTRIA
Glaucoma imaging and lens opacity
G. Sunaric-Mégevand SWITZERLAND
Is there a best time or a best body position to measure IOP?
C. Faschinger AUSTRIA
Myopia and glaucoma: facts and myths
C. Traverso ITALY
Postoperative complications: slit lamp management
12.05 Break
13.15 Session 3: Management Options
Chairperson: A. Hommer AUSTRIA
Facilitators: A. Breshnev RUSSIA, F. Meier Gibbons SWITZERLAND
A. Azuara Blanco UK
Will we still be doing laser PI for primary angle closure five years from now?
F. Meier Gibbons SWITZERLAND
IOP-lowering efficacy of topical medications, primary and as add-on: a review
Laser treatment: old and new
A. Breshnev RUSSIA
The evidence on different surgical procedures
M. Iester ITALY
The morphology/function disconnect in glaucoma: is it real?
My patient is getting worse despite a stable IOP of 14: what can I do?
15.15 Coffee Break
15.25 Session 4: Clinical Dilemmas and Perspectives
Chairperson: I. Januleviciene LITHUANIA
Facilitators: C. Vass AUSTRIA, L. Abegão Pinto PORTUGAL
B. Chauhan CANADA
Diagnostic imaging in glaucoma: current possibilities and future expectations
L. Schmetterer AUSTRIA
OCT in clinical practice: how, why and when?
G. Gazzard UK
Primary trabeculoplasty or IOP lowering eye drops first?
I. Januleviciene LITHUANIA
The risk of blindness from glaucoma in Europe
Phacoemulsification combined with IOP-lowering procedures

  • H. Reitsamer AUSTRIA
  • Filtration
  • C. Vass AUSTRIA
  • Blebless
R. Bellucci ITALY
Optimising cataract surgery in glaucoma
Debate: Is MIGS able to reach treatment goals?

  • J. Garcia Feijoo SPAIN
  • Yes
  • No
17:55 Discussion

End of session

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