ESCRS Glaucoma Day 2019

Immediately preceding the
37th Congress of the ECSRS

This Meeting has been awarded 6 CME credits

Challenges in Medical and Surgical Management of Glaucoma


B. Malyugin RUSSIA

L. Abegao Pinto PORTUGAL I. Stalmans BELGIUM
R. Bellucci ITALY G. Sunaric Megevand SWITZERLAND
P. Denis FRANCE F. Topouzis GREECE
D. Garway-Heath UK C. Traverso ITALY


  • PintoL. Pinto PORTUGAL
  • TraversoC. Traverso ITALY

Challenges in Medical and Surgical Management of Glaucoma

C. Traverso ITALY
Welcome and introduction to the 10th anniversary of the ESCRS/EGS Glaucoma Day 2019

Part 1:

Early Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Management in the Context of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Moderators: D. Garway-Heath UK, C. Traverso ITALY

09.00 A. Heijl SWEDEN
Is this glaucoma?
09.10 F. Goni SPAIN
How to recognize typical optic disc features in early disease
09.20 A. Viswanathan UK
Do I trust Visual Fields or OCTs in mild glaucoma?
09.30 D. Garway-Heath UK
How to merge all this into a target IOP in early disease?
09.40 Discussion

Challenging cases discussion and audience vote

09.50 J. Martinez de la Casa SPAIN
Do I trust my IOP measurement after corneal refractive surgery?
10.00 R. Bellucci ITALY
Multifocal lenses: friend or enemy for glaucoma patients?
10.10 M. Kolko DENMARK
Iridotomy: yes or no
10.20 Discussion
10.30 Coffee break

Keynote lecture introduced by D. Garway-Heath UK

11.00 C. Baudouin FRANCE
Will new ways of delivery reshape the medical treatment in glaucoma?
11.20 Discussion

Part 2:

Critical Thinking on Glaucoma Management

Moderators: I. Janulevičienė LITHUANIA, F. Meier-Gibbons SWITZERLAND

11.30 F. Topouzis GREECE
How to match therapeutic strategy with individual patients?
11.40 J. Renard FRANCE
Automated gonioscopy in clinical practice
11.50 S. Orgül SWITZERLAND
Blood flow: is it worth measuring at all?
12.00 C. Traverso ITALY
Phacoemulsification in angle closure: what has changed in 10 years of Glaucoma Day EGS/ESCRS courses?
12.10 Discussion

Challenging cases discussion and audience vote

12.20 S. Gandolfi ITALY
Pigmentary glaucoma: is iridotomy always indicated?
12.30 C. Schweitzer FRANCE
Do we know the limits of our SLT?
12.40 Break

Part 3:

Glaucoma Surgery Today

Moderators: A. Brezhnev RUSSIA, J. Rouland FRANCE

14.15 J. Kirwan UK
Did we improve our results of trabeculectomy?
14.25 Y. Lachkar FRANCE
When is cataract surgery to be combined with a glaucoma procedure?
14.35 N. Pfeiffer GERMANY
MIGS: too much to choose from?
14.45 I. Stalmans BELGIUM
MIGS: what is the true efficacy? Reported results
14.55 Discussion

Challenging cases discussion and audience vote

15.05 K. Mercieca UK
Advanced glaucoma, low IOP but still progressing: what to do?
15.15 A. Fea ITALY
High myopia: afraid of surgery?
15.25 A. McNaught UK
IOP spike after surgery: how worried should I be?
15.35 Discussion

Part 4:


Moderators: L. Abegao Pinto PORTUGAL, G. Sunaric Mégevand SWITZERLAND

Debate 1

15.45 L. Au UK
Why can MIGS replace trabeculectomy?
15.53 K. Singh USA
Why MIGS cannot replace trabeculectomy?
16.01 Rebuttal and audience voting

Debate 2

16.10 F. Aptel FRANCE
Only glaucoma surgeons should use MIGS
16.18 A. Bron FRANCE
Everybody should use MIGS
16.26 Rebuttal and audience voting

Debate 3

16.35 K. Barton UK
MIGS are only fit for combined surgery: Yes
16.43 J. Garcia Feijoo SPAIN
MIGS are only fit for combined surgery: No
16.51 Rebuttal and audience voting

Part 5:

My Most Challenging Glaucoma Surgery

Moderators: K. Barton UK, R. Bellucci ITALY, B. Malyugin RUSSIA, K. Singh USA,
C. Traverso ITALY

17.00 J. Garcia Feijoo SPAIN
Difficult trabeculectomy
17.08 C. Traverso ITALY
Difficult combined surgery
17.16 K. Barton UK
Difficult MIGS surgery
17.24 P. Denis FRANCE
How minimally invasive are MIGS in real life?
17.32 B. Malyugin RUSSIA
Challenging cataract surgery in glaucoma eyes
17.40 Discussion
18.00 End of session
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